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Tourist Visa

Pre-Arranged Tourist Visa

A pre-arranged tourist visa is one processed prior to arrival in the country for all nationalities, including  those entitled for Visa On Arrival, if requested in advance.  


In order to process pre-arranged tourist visas, the following documents are required:



**To process pre-arranged tourist visas, Gulf Adventures requires that guests be booked at accommodation in Qatar made via Gulf Adventures, for not less than three nights.


All documents/information should be sent at least two weeks prior to arrival for groups and one week prior for individuals. Visa processing will take at the shortest four to five working days.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the working week in Qatar is from Sunday to Thursday;the Immigration Office is closed and does not process visas on Fridays and Saturdays.


All pre-arranged visas are single-entry visas, valid for 30 days only and subject to the approval of Immigration Authorities.


All the paid fees and charges for a pre-arranged tourist visa are non-refundable.


Should the pre-arranged visa fee be increased, Gulf Adventures reserves the right to add additional fees to the discussed rates without prior notice.

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